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Financial Planning

Advantage Tech works with the Milestone Asset Management to provide a number of Financial Planning Consulting services to both individuals and corporations. We coach our clients to articulate and realize their financial goals by taking a holistic approach to wealth management.

Most of our involvement in financial planning is at the time of career transition, during which time we provide advice to our individual clients about how to marshall their financial resources to ensure adquate cashflow during the period of transition, and also to assess the financial goals they need to set for themselves in the comming years in the workplace. To enhance the value we bring to clients, we also understand that coordinating professional advice is critical. Should our clients require such specialized services as advanced tax or legal advice, we will ensure that these professionals are integrated into the overall process. In this capacity, each client receives a written document that provides in-depth analysis and recommendations in the following areas:

Net Worth Analysis

Severence Package Strategies

Tax Planning

Risk Management

Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Education Analysis

Portfolio Management

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